About Us

The story of SPS Jewellers started in a different era, with our forefather Mr. Tikamjimulchandji Johri, and his penchant for jewellery.In 1917, the then Maharaja of Indore, HH Tukoji Rao Holkar III called upon his advice on personal jewels and their association quickly grew. Soon Mr T. M. Johri was confirmed as the Jewellery Consultant to the State of Indore, and in that capacity, he overlooked the production of jewellery by the royal court. He also certified the jewellery that reached the court from elsewhere, and the rest is history.

Years went by, and we have built the tradition of SPS Jewellers on the same trust. The trust of our dynasty , and of the common public. More than anything else, jewellery is a piece of emotion – the gift of necklace to your daughter, ring to the wife, bracelet to your sister – every jewel has a sentimental value. A customer walking into a jewellery store with his/her hard-earned money looks up to us for the true value of the jewel. We at SPS Jewellers know, understand and build on this trust.
A hundred years later – as we carry forward this legacy – we do so with our customers. Hence our tagline: together, we sparkle.

Our services are completely personalized. In our fast-paced world, our designs cannot be left behind. Every fortnight, our collection is revised. We are constantly adding newer designs and shine in our business – and you are our star.